Desert Tours and Lectures

You can take a wide range of trips and tours of the Arava and tours. All the tours of Adi Mathamon guide, a qualified path that specializes in the south of the country and Jordan and transfers guided tours of the desert. Adi will take you to the depths of the desert, to the most powerful stories behind the area – through nature, geology, archeology and history of space. With Adi you will know the cute corners. While the local story, you will be exposed to the connection between the past and the present -“settlement, agriculture and speak”

The trips with custom Adi for your needs, from two to whole day, in a variety of tracks in the Arava.

Our Tours

טיולים בערבה

Jeep tour

Get on Adi's jeep and go for your own two hours throughout the prairie - Adi will take you between stories and locations he only knows and expose the prairie from his perspective.

טיולים בערבה

A family tour in private vehicles

Go out with your private vehicles, under the guidance of Adi that leads the group, for a fascinating round around the Ein Yahav seat. Together, we will embark on a fascinating journey to the stories behind the people in the Arava- Evangelists are created in the Israel Service, Swiss Jews, Bedouin Muslims, Veterans of Ein Yahav and unique manufacturers

טיולים בערבה

A guided walking trip in the Arava

A 4 -hour day trip - Suitable for families and knowledge lovers - Go through your feet for a trip that will deepen you to the initial nature of Arava, through archeology stories, history and settlement

Lectures in Matmon


  • A variety of lectures on various topics in the prairie history: ancient periods of the prairie incorporate copper production in the 10th century AD Valley, the tribal tribes, the entry of Islamic tribes to Canaan, the new settlement with the establishment of the State of Israel. Archaeological findings in the Arava.
  • A variety of lectures on travel abroad – Adi travels well overseas and brings with it a lot of knowledge about places and trips that will change everyone – among the lectures: Himalayas with a motorcycle, Bulgaria on two wheels

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