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Matmon Arava is a  visitor center and  hospitality complex located in Moshav Ein Yahav in the heart of the Arava. Those who travel a lot know that the truly special places are the ones that affect you from the inside. That’s exactly why we established Matmon Barava.

We know that the real magic happens when you come across a story that goes deep into the heart – our story is exactly like that and we will be happy to share it with you.

Multidisciplinary artist

Dalia Matmon

Dalia Matmon is an artist who creates sculptures, images and unique and innovative products. In her works she combines a variety of materials such as: mosaic, ceramics, wood, iron, iron wires, mesh, Styrofoam, concrete and more. In parallel with her occupation as a creative artist, Dalia teaches mosaic in various settings. Conducts creative workshops for children, teenagers, adults and those with special needs. Facilitates community projects in Mosaic. From her childhood, Dalia created with soft materials and over the years developed to create with other materials, today she creates surprising combinations between materials.

Qualified guide, archaeologist and farmer

Adi Matmon

Adi Matmon has been a farmer for about 25 years in Moshav Ein Yahav, growing red and yellow peppers, dates, pomelo and melons. A few years ago he established Matmon in the Arava, a B&B complex of five family wooden cabins that allow couples with or without children to stay in a moshav and experience the beauty and peace that characterizes the Middle Arava. In addition, Adi is a qualified tour guide specializing in the south of Israel and Jordan, he combines his occupations with each other, which gives his guests and clients a special experience of knowing the land and working the land.

Together we built a complex that consists of a special combination of art and desert. In Matmon Barava you will find:

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