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Multidisciplinary artist

Dalia Matmon

Dalia Matmon is an artist who creates sculptures, images and unique and innovative products. In her works she combines a variety of materials such as: mosaic, ceramics, wood, iron, iron wires, mesh, Styrofoam, concrete and more. In parallel with her occupation as a creative artist, Dalia teaches mosaic in various settings. Conducts creative workshops for children, teenagers, adults and those with special needs. Facilitates community projects in Mosaic. From her childhood, Dalia created with soft materials and over the years developed to create with other materials, today she creates surprising combinations between materials.

Dancer statue




The Divas - 5 female singers

Each piece measures 70 x 60 cm

Eric and Shalom - There are so many trees in the world


A Deer

Custom size


Custom size


On a 60×60 canvas

A Horse

An art piece

For more information and order call 052-8666246 or leave details here.

Dali - curtain

An art piece

South wind

An art piece

Mandala on a record


Peice and War

An art piece


An art piece

The Nightingale

An art piece

Freddy Mercury

An art piece


An art piece

For more information and order call 052-8666246 or leave details here


An art piece

On the Beach

An art piece

Round mirror

A round mosaic mirror with a diameter of 50 cm. Made of plates, cups and ceramics on wood.

Mosaic mirror

Mosaic mirror measuring 40*40 cm. Made of glass and mirrors on wood.



Spring mosaic picture

Mosaic picture.
Produced from stones, ceramics, glass and parts made of handmade clay on an industrial Polygal surface.
Size 50*70 cm.

Phoenix - mosaic image

Mosaic picture – Phoenix.
Made of stones, ceramics and glass on top of wood.
Size 120*80 cm.

Color wheel mandala

Mosaic picture – the color wheel. Size 120*80 cm. Ceramics, glass, jewelry, stones on top of wood.

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