Creative workshops for the whole family

Come and experience family entertainment with lots of inspiration and get to know together, children and adults, creative ways of thinking through art.
Together we will be moved by the joy of creation, we will be exposed to how a creative idea was born, we will receive creative tools to apply in our everyday life, and we will create a personal creation that will decorate your home.

Our Workshops

דליה מטמון

Making a unique picture from a wooden pallet

Turn farm wood pallets into your own work of art. Cut and sand, connect wooden surfaces: inspirational phrases, iconic figures, animals and more. The meeting is suitable for ages 4 and up.

דליה מטמון

Making mandalas on pebbles

Let's turn pebbles from the desert into a unique vision stone - a personal mandala using the dot method. No prior knowledge is needed - only flight and imagination. Suitable for any age.

דליה מטמון

Iron wire sculpture workshop

In our workshop, iron wires and copper wires are transformed into a designed sculpture, figures, animals, plants and more, according to the good imagination. The workshop is intended for ages 10 and up.

דליה מטמון

Desert sculpture workshop

Tree trunks and roots from the desert floods - become a designed and unique sculpture in the workshop where you will create a personal work of art. Suitable from age 10.

  • The duration of the activity is two hours (starting with an inspiration session that ignites the imagination and from there we continue to the workshop)
  • Workshop cost: NIS 100 per participant (minimum 4 participants). Includes a hot drink corner, dates and cake.
  • By appointment

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